Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dr Rosenblum speaks up regarding APA's response to Dr Frances

Dr Stephen Rosenblum, Life Fellow, APA writes:

"I found the American Psychiatric Association's response ("Setting the Record Straight", Psychiatric Times, July 1,2009) to Dr. Alan Frances's commentary ("A Warning Sign on the Road to DSM-V", Psychiatric Times, June 26, 2009) outlining his concerns about the DSM-V an embarrassing, black mark against the Association. As President of an organization supposedly devoted to scientific objectivity, Dr Alan Schatzberg's (lead author of the response) ad hominem attack and use of unprovable innuendos to discredit Dr. Frances reflects an approach I want nothing to do with.

If Dr. Schatzberg and his coauthors need an example of a professional, objective and scientific response to Dr. Frances they should refer to Dr. William T. Carpenter's commentary "Criticism vs. Fact" (Psychiatric Times, July 7, 2009, or to Dr. Renato D. Alarcon's essay "Inside the DSM-V Process: Issues, Debates, and Reflection." Both authors counter Dr. Frances's arguments without attacking him personally.

I can only assume that as President of the APA, Dr. Schatzberg reperesents the mind set of our organization. If that is so, it is an organization with which I take no pride in my affiliation."

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