Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Accusation Has No Logic. . .

The APA DSM-V Task Force’s response to Dr. Frances’s critique of DSM-V noted that his royalties for DSM-IV products would cease when DSM-V is published. However, Dr. Frances’ critique called for DSM-V developers to make fewer changes- - not more, and he made no call for longer DSM-V field trials; in fact he proposed additions such as prodromal and subthreshold syndromes to be put in an appendix that called for further research. His critique then would not extend his receipt of royalties, and perhaps even shorten them. Thus, the APA has no logic to accuse him of financial incentive unless they opine that his critique could significantly delay publication of DSM-V somehow, eg, by inciting turmoil within the working group which would mean that a critical mass of people would agree with his logic.

Doug Berger, M.D., Ph.D.
U.S. Board-Certified Psychiatrist
Tokyo, Japan

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