Friday, October 16, 2009

Monitoring Pharmonitor

Congratulations to Dr Alan A. Stone for taking the time to nail the bias contained in the Supplement discussed in his piece, “Reality-Checking: Case In Point.” And congratulations to Psychiatric Times for printing Dr Stone’s article. Perhaps PT is ready to take further steps in separating itself from the "educational efforts" sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that have so deeply corrupted the practice of psychiatry, and medicine.
Chuck Joy, MD
Erie PA

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  1. Thanks for your positive comments on Dr. Stone's Pharmonitor piece, Dr. Joy. Actually, we did more than "print" it--we encouraged Dr. Stone to pursue the matter of the supplement, as we felt it was important to "keep faith" with our readers. As for further steps we are taking to ensure objectivity in supplements sometimes mailed with Psychiatric Times, please see the Editorial by Sue Kweskin
    and me, which appeared Oct. 7.

    --Best regards, Ron Pies

    Ronald Pies MD
    Editor in Chief